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Applicant for admission to the Veterans’ Home of Wyoming must be a resident, with a valid Wyoming address at the time of application.
An applicant who has resided in the state less than one year must declare intent to permanently or indefinitely reside in Wyoming,
Applicant cannot be in transit state or indicate temporary or seasonal residency. No minimum age for veterans providing they need domiciliary care and are unable to make a living. Veterans have first priority. Veterans’ spouses, second priority. Non-veterans are admitted under special provisions.

Application Process

Application forms, including financial statement, are provided at the time of the required on-site visit and interview with the Nurse Manager. Applicant is approved or disapproved at the discretion of the Superintendent.

Structure & Governing board

The Veterans’ Home of Wyoming is currently under the supervision of the Wyoming Department of Health.

Services Provided

Domiciliary Care. All private rooms.

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