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Honorable discharge from qualifying military service as defined by SD codified law. Resident of South Dakota for one year, immediately prior to date of application. Wives and widows may qualify.

Application Process

Applications are originated and processed by the County or Tribal Veterans Service Officer. Application includes personal history, financial history, medical history, and a complete physical. Superintendent determines admission based upon state laws and regulations.

Structure & Governing board

Governed by the Cabinet Secretary, South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs. Administered by the Superintendent.

Services Provided

Independent Living, Nursing Care, and Special Care (Dementia). Furnished rooms, Laundry services (bedding and personal clothing), Restorative Nursing Care, Recreational Therapy, Chaplain Services, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. Nutritional Services, Medical Services, Pharmaceutical Services, Social Services, and Cashier Service..

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