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Honorably discharged veterans with a minimum of 90 days of wartime service (dates as specified in the General Laws of Rhode Island) who shall be deemed to be in need of such care provided.
Resident requirements satisfied by veteran having been accredited to the enlistment or induction quota of the state or having resided in the state for at least two consecutive years prior to the date of application for admission to the Rhode Island Veterans’ Home.

Application Process

Applications are available on line at

Structure & Governing board

Director of Department of Human Services responsible for prescribing rules and regulations. Advisory Council to Veterans Affairs, consisting of 15 members, ten of whom are to be appointed by the Governor. The remaining five members consist of three members of the House of Representatives to be appointed by Speaker of the House and two members from the Senate to be appointed by Majority Leader of the Senate. The members of the Council assist and advise the Director of Department of Human Services and the Commandant of the R.I. Veterans Home on policy, rules, and regulations.

Services Provided

Services include dietary controls, occupational therapy, physical therapy, dental, pharmacy, X-rays, laboratory, library, recreation, religious, and social services. Special Needs Unit 36 beds.

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