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Oklahoma veteran who served in the active armed forces of the United States during wartime and discharged under conditions other than dishonorable.
Oklahoma resident at least three years immediately preceding application, disabled by age or disease and by reason of such disability is incapable of earning a living.

Application Process

Applications may be obtained from Veterans Centers or from State Service and Hospital Officers. Applications and affidavits must be mailed to the Center for disposition by the Administrator. Special note: Priority goes to WWI veterans, ex-P.O.W.s and those veterans with service-connected disabilities.

Structure & Governing board

The controlling board of the Center is the War Veterans Commission of Oklahoma whose directives are administered by the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs and under the direct supervision of a resident Administrator.

Services Provided

Intermediate and Skilled Nursing Care provided through staff physicians, Unit Dose Pharmacy, Laboratory, X-ray, Rehabilitative Nursing, Social Work Service, diversional activities, and volunteer service.

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