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The applicant must be a veteran who served in the US Armed Forces on active duty and was discharged under honorable conditions.
The veterans must be a resident of the State of North Carolina for two years immediately preceding application. In addition, he/she must be disabled and in need of nursing home care with physician orders.

Application Process

Admission into the NC State Veterans Home requires a completed application packet which includes a medical examination and FL-2 30-days current signed by a physician. The forms may be obtained at the facility, from a County Veterans Service Officer or District Veterans Service Officer.

Structure & Governing board

Governed by a thirteen-member Veterans Affairs Commission appointed by the Governor of North Carolina. Advisory members are comprised from the State Department Commanders from the major veterans organizations. The commission’s directive are administered through the North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs and an on-site Administrative Officer. The facility is managed on a day-to-day basis by a private provider, which is contracted by the State of North Carolina.

Services Provided

Comprehensive Long-Term Nursing Care with complete medical and ancillary services. Certified as a Medicare/Medicaid Facility.

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