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A citizen of the United States who enlisted or was drafted, inducted, or commissioned in the armed forces of the United States, who was accepted for and assigned to active duty in the armed forces, and was not separated from the armed forces under circumstances amounting to a dishonorable discharge from the armed forces.
A resident of New Mexico at the time of entering or discharge from the armed forces or, in the alternative, a resident of New Mexico at the date of admission.

Application Process

Applications obtained from the facility or Veterans Service Officers are to be submitted to the facility and are reviewed by the facility Admissions Committee.

Structure & Governing board

The New Mexico State Veterans Home Board consists of seven members who serve as an advisory group to the Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Health.

Services Provided

Nursing Residential Care with Medical, Nursing, Recreation, Occupational, Physical therapies & Social services provided. Dental Care and Speech therapy provided.

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