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Applicant for admission to the CMBRVC: (1) must be a Veteran with other than dishonorable discharge, and (2) must be a resident of Kentucky.

Application Process

Application forms, including required financial data, must be provided for review by the Admissions Board prior to admission. A home visit with the applicant may be made by a registered nurse.

Structure & Governing board

The CMBRVC is a state operated facility within the Department of Veterans Affairs, which is headed by a Commissioner who answers directly to the Governor. The CMBRVC has a Veterans Advisory Council that provides input concerning the needs of the veterans, is kept informed about facility policies, and reports to the Joint Executive Council of Veterans Organizations.

Services Provided

Nursing care, 30-bed Special Care Unit, physical, speech, and occupational therapy, lab, pharmacy, library, barber shop, laundry, gift shop, and physician services.

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