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The Indiana Veterans’ Home serves honorably discharged veterans who have resided in the state of Indiana for at least 12 months prior to application for admission.
Spouses and surviving spouses married to an eligible veteran for at least five years are also eligible for admission to the Indiana Veterans’ Home.

Application Process

The Admissions Committee, which includes Nursing and Social Services teams, and our medical director screen each applicant. Current medical and financial information must be provided with each application. Criminal background checks are conducted for each applicant prior to admission. Interested veterans or family members can contact the Indiana Veterans’ Home at 765-463-1502 or admissions& for information, application packets and tours.

Structure & Governing board

The Indiana Veterans’ Home comes under the operational control of the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs.

Services Provided

Independent living, short-term rehabilitation services, long-term nursing care and a dedicated memory care unit.

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