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All veterans who have been honorably discharged and who served on active duty in the United States Armed Services or the U.S. Coast Guard, as described in Title 38 USC, are eligible for placement at the Delaware Veterans Home (DVH).
Members of the Army and Air National Guard and the U.S. Reserve Forces who are eligible for retirement pay at age 60 or have served on active duty at least 180 days (do not have to be consecutive) are also eligible for placement at DVH.
Applicants must be a resident of the state of Delaware for a minimum of three (3) years prior to the date of application and must have a level of care requirement that is consistent with the mission of DVH.
Spouses of veterans who are applying for residency at DVH are also eligible for admission while their veteran spouse is a resident of the DVH; admission is subject to space availability.

Application Process

Admission to DVH can be initiated by contacting the DVH Admissions Coordinator at (302) 424-8572. All applications are reviewed by the DVH Admissions Committee. Appeals for denial of admission can be made in writing to the Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs.

Structure & Governing board

The Delaware Veterans Home is a division of the Delaware Department of State, with key members of the Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs serving on the Admission Committe for the Home. The Commission of Veterans Affairs is comprised of fifteen members of veteran service organizations appointed by the Governor.

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