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Honorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States (copy of DD-214 is required), be a resident of the State of CT at the time of application for services (proof may be required), ninety (90) days of active duty other than for training purposes.
To qualify for admission into the Healthcare Center, Chronic Disease/Nursing Home, the veteran must submit an application in advance, submit a report of medical history and physical examination, pass an eligibility check and have a chronic medical condition or need which requires skilled nursing care or requires 24 hour assistance and supervision with activities of daily living.

Application Process

Initiated by applicant, service officer, service organization or other social service agency directly with the Department’s Admitting Office. Waiting lists, if applicable, are maintained and assessed on a chronological basis. Applications can also be downloaded from the website at

Structure & Governing board

The Commissioner of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, who is appointed by Governor of the State of Connecticut, is the head of the agency. She/he receives advice and approval (on certain aspects of agency operations) from a Board of Directors who are appointed by the Governor.

Services Provided

Full-range medical services; dental and laboratory services; Respite Care services; religious services; burial and funeral services; extensive residential; and rehabilitative services.

Looking for a State Home?

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